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How to Build the Ultimate SMB HR Tech Stack

How to Build the Ultimate SMB HR Tech Stack

Past event available on demand June 27, 2023

Unlock the secrets to building a high-performing HR tech stack tailored for small and medium-sized businesses! Join us to discover how Workable, Checkr, and BambooHR can seamlessly integrate to create a best-of-breed HR tech stack, empowering you to source and hire exceptional talent and streamline your HR operations.

We'll be discussing:

  • The benefits of building a fully integrated, best-of-breed tech stack
  • How to source and attract top talent with Workable
  • How to provide secure background checks in the hiring process with Checkr
  • How to create a seamless employee onboarding experience with BambooHR
  • How Workable, Checkr, and BambooHR work together
  • Live Q&A Session


Rob Long
Rob Long

CHRO - Workable

Max Wesman

VP of Product Management - Checkr

TJ Davis

Head of People Operations - BambooHR

Workable graphic