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Neurodiversity at Work featuring Theo Smith

Neurodiversity at Work featuring Theo Smith

Past event available on demand December 6, 2022

Neurodiversity will power the future of the workforce

If we are not considering it, we may miss out on some of the most innovative and creative talent available. Companies like EY, IBM, ASML and Microsoft have recognized this and are already using it as a competitive advantage.


Theo Smith believes we need to create an environment where Neurodiversity happens by design. Often our systems and processes can be a barrier to some thinking types accessing jobs and performing at their optimum.


In this interactive discussion, Theo will take you through what neurodiversity entails; why it matters so much for leaders who are trying to address workplace challenges using an evidence-based approach (something many companies lack); plus some hints and tips on supporting your employees to lean into their cognitive strengths whilst bridging some of their challenges.

What you will learn:

  • Defining Neurodiversity, common terminology, and why it's such a hot topic
  • Advantages of having neurodiverse teams and candidates, and how to get the best out of them
  • How to be a neurodiverse-aware manager and leader, including addressing the challenges
  • Why the future is neurodiversity
  • Plus, candid and lively Q&A and an actionable resource pack to begin the work in your organization. how AI-driven tools can streamline recruitment and enhance candidate experiences


What is neurodiversity?


The term neurodiversity relates to the range of differences in individual brain function and that all our brains are incredibly unique and should be valued and appreciated. The Neurodiversity movement is focused on removing barriers (but not exclusively) to individuals who are autistic, ADHD, ASD, dyslexic, dyspraxic, and highlighting their strengths and abilities.


Rob Long
Rob Long

CHRO - Workable


Theo Smith
Theo Smith

Neurodiversity Evangelist - Dynamis Group

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