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Mental Health at work: Fostering an authentic workplace culture

Mental Health at work: Fostering an authentic workplace culture

Past event available on demand June 15, 2021

These days, the line between work life and home life is increasingly blurred by the shift to remote work and an intense social and political environment worldwide, impacting engagement and productivity. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, 75% of Gen Z and half of the Millennial employees have left work for mental health reasons according to one study – and turnover is expensive.


In this session, you’ll hear from experts who are paving the way to centralizing mental health and inclusivity in their organization’s talent attraction & retention strategy.


In just 60 minutes, you’ll learn how to:


  • Launch a workplace culture strategy rooted in mental health
  • Develop a business case for prioritizing mental health in your workplace
  • Rally other teams and leaders to support your initiatives


Eimear Marrinan
Eimear Marrinan

Director of Culture - HubSpot

Courtney Seiter

VP of People - Hologram

Nadine Robinson

Director of People - Ten Percent Happier

Amy Frampton

Head of Marketing - BambooHR

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